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When the Sky Cracks Open


Music by George W. Parris

Libretto by Iris Supple-Still

Run Time:

20 minutes (no interval)


“Pompeii dig reveals ‘almost perfect’ remains of a master and his slave.
Archaeologists have unearthed two exceptionally well-preserved victims of the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79” - says the Guardian, 21 November 2020. 


Actually, it was just one archaeologist, and today is her big day. Today she is giving a talk to present her discovery to you all. She is an expert, very talented, and has lots of impressive information to tell you. But she has a vivid imagination, much too vivid for her liking. When her narration gets hijacked, taken over, she is plummeted into her deepest and fiercest pain.

Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2023. Photography by Claire Shovelton. Allyn Wu as Slave.


Directed by Sophie Daneman

Conducted by Enyi Okpara

Lucy Thalange - Archeologist

Alex Bower-Brown - Slave

Michael Temporal Darell - Master's Son

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